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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Earlier Paintings

Angel and other paintings

Art and Vulnerability, and the call to my creative life

my creative life has been calling me for a while... I'm 41 years old now, yet I remember the call back when I was a freshman in college so many years ago.

I walked away from it, like Joseph Campbell talks about in his lectures and books.  It wasn't the wisest decision.

I realize now it was being vulnerable, that was the hard part, the scary thing.

So here I am now taking Alena Hennessey's Art Biz Course.  Vulnerability, being oneself, and space to create are some of the topics.

So I am going to do my best to stay here in this space, and create, words, pictures, what moves me emotionally.  I'm going to see where this takes me, and enjoy the journey.

I'm going to step up and claim what I could have years ago.

The story is, second quarter in college, I took the writing workshop.  I wasn't up for taking the drawing course where there were live models.  In the writing workshop we wrote and wrote some more.  Our professors talked about writing what you know.  Anyway, being a freshman, life is very interesting personally, and stuff happens, emotions are all over the place at times.  I ended up writing 7 pages stream of consciousness, yet also doing flash backs.  I turned it in, shy, nervous freshman that I was.  Then got the paper back, from the teacher that everyone liked the best, and he said you could publish this if you edited it.

So here I am, thinking, why am I here in college, if I can publish now?   Yet it was the shy part, the part that wasn't willing to say hey, this paper that I handed in, it really happened.  So I did nothing.

A year later, I was in the Calculus, Physic, Chemistry Course at Evergreen State College, with no time for art and writing.  OK, so there was some writing, yet lab reports at the end of the week, and occasional papers about physics and chemistist aside.  I ran the other direction, thinking I could come back to art and writing later.

I suppose in a sense I was right, yet didn't realize it would take me so long to get here.  Maybe it's time to take a drawing course, and write from the heart is what I plan to do.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Grace is.....

Grace rain drops falling on my hair my jacket as the crisp breathe of air is inhaled and a flock of crows flies over us heading north. Grace is my daughter saying our dog Hobbes has a spirit of an angel in him I always thought he was looking out for me as in the last year or so if I have a bad dream he wake me and comes to lay next to me for comfort. Normally he sleeps far away so it is noticeable. Grace is my friend taking care for her neighbor who is in his 90s, because she wants to help. She is there when he truly needs it as he has no family. Grace is the moment unexpected wonderful things happen as when my husband passed away and there was pollen fluffy white floating all around for days. It was like snow. Grace is noticing the sunset or moon set and seeing the reflection on the lake coming towards where we were sitting. Grace is my grandfather caring for my grandmother for years before she died and never complaining. Grace is my grandmother creating a poem in her head for my mother as a Christmas present just a week or so before she passed away yet she could barely speak or move. Grace is so many things, pure love, being present in the moment, being present for another person and asking nothing in return, noticing the divine in the moment, accepting unexpected beautiful gifts, letting go of logic at time, and just being. Grace is.....