Friday, February 21, 2014

Valentines Day Story 2/14/2014

Last Friday was Valentine's Day.  Here is a story I wrote on Saturday, the day after Valentine's Day.  I've decided that posting on Friday's would be the best, as it gives me time to think of the week in review and have a goal.

So here goes:

.. The night before my youngest, 4 years old and I went to two grocery stores.

   It was 2 days since we arrived from a 9 day of travel...

         1 day at the beach
         2 days at Mt. Shasta
         3-4 days in Bay Area
         and then back home again---

   ah.. the person who was bagging my groceries asked what I was doing for Valentine's day--
I said we might go out.

   really after 18 years of marrige and the fact I dislike crowds--
   I didn't really care.

  I'd gotten cute vintage Valentine cards and a plant that has yellow flowers on it---

  also what looked like russian tea cookies--

  ah.. Valentine's Day--

  my only goal-- to make steamed rice and broccoli beef in the evening

  ok.  so maybe there were other things on the to do list---

knitting, restart knitting-- as I got stuck on the sleeves for 2 weeks (after long days of driving I din't feel like knitting)

  also start to read a book about writing children's books--
I have tons of ideas and wish to make them the best possible stories ever.

  plus it was two days since starting to do a set of lunges, push-ups (against the wall), the plank, weights, and other strengthing exercises--

  after watching a PBS show about Nichola Tesla-- plus a bit of reading and knitting--

  I decided to warm up with jumping jacks and then the strengthening exercise..

  so I did and it seemed a bit easier than a few days before--

  and I feel confident I will see muscle--instead of fat-- especially when cleaning up my diet.

  well-- even with these thoughts in my mind-- I felt the urge for sugar--

  my husband keeps gettting the ice cream cones from the local grocery store that have vanilla ice cream and are covered with chocolate & nuts on top.

  I was eating the nuts and chocolate off the top and...

  well.. the ice cream was harder than usual and

  I broke off my front tooth--

  ok.  so not to get overly concerned.. it was a crowned tooth (the crown had been done 2 or 3 times) and a root canal also (also done 2 or 3 times)

  yet I was still in shock--

  luckily my husband was able to find a dentist who worked close by and was willing to schedule an appointment that evening.  a lot of dentists where out of the office because of Valentine's day.

  luckily it was not infecteed  and I can have a post in it and a new crown.

  that particular tooth is wiggly because the root is really short.

  the dentist also had two or three other people have the same emergeny appointments because of broken teeth.

  ah.. not exactly how I wanted to spend Valentine's Day--

... ah, So this was written last Sat.  Since I wrote this, my tooth has gotten a temporary crown, and I feel much better.  Another week or so, I will have a real crown on it.  I feel extremely grateful I got to see the dentist right away and she scheduled to fix it the next day.  I have yet to do the work out again, yet I realize it's not the work out's fault, more the sugar.